Janae’ is a phenomenal education leader and possesses a unique ability to inspire and develop other education professionals. I have been most impressed by her ability to establish strong relationships with other education professionals and to lead them through the equity focused transformations of their accelerated programs. Janae’ knows how to translate her extensive experience in education to relevant and actionable advice to others. This is not an easy task and Janae’ consistently carries it out with grace and clarity. Janae’ possesses a unique ability to assist other educators in inquiry based assessment, even about the most challenging topics. Janae’ is a masterful facilitator and public presenter. She understands how to assess a situation quickly and to make requisite adjustments on the fly- both important skills for professional development settings. She also is able to quickly establish equity coaching credibility as a former teacher and administrator and a lifelong champion for equity. Her voice is relevant and empathetic, but also strong and courageous.


Sasha R., Non-Profit Chief Strategy Officer

Janae’ leads with integrity, strength and perseverance. I have seen Janae’ handle challenges with grace and respect. She listens deeply and provides targeted professional development where necessary. In a very demanding job, Janae’ always treats people with respect and listens to concerns of her staff and student body. I love that she always has an open door policy and can relate to the worries and problems teachers and students face on a daily basis. In my years of knowing Janae’, I have admired her for keeping a strong smile in the face of adversity, and living up to the very high standards she sets for herself. I am eager to tell others what a positive and productive influence she has had on not only myself, but her staff and students that she has worked with over the years.

Deborah R., High School Biology and Physical Science Teacher

Janae’ has a confidence and an ability to listen before jumping in and making changes that inspires confidence.  She is all about bringing out the best in individuals and helping them achieve their potential. She doesn’t fold under stressful situations.  Janae’ values everyone, provides the appropriate professional development, and attends to needs as change is in process. She leaves you better than she finds you.

Shauna P., High School Counselor

Janae’ is one of those rare leaders who can push for what is right for students and at the same time do what is right for her teachers and classified staff. She manages to create a culture of continuous learning in her school, while providing professional development and equity coaching that takes them to the next level. She is a natural leader, she builds teams and motivates people to establish and achieve high goals. She is accustomed to working under pressure, skilled at managing multiple projects and conflicting priorities and she has tremendous communication skills. Janae’ is a natural mentor and problem solver. Her natural talent and leadership abilities enable her to lead her colleagues.

Janae’ is as comfortable providing leadership coaching and professional development with superintendents, central office administrators, principals, teachers, and education staff associates as she is with students. She is an effective leader, mentor and supervisor. Janae’s commitment to student learning and her steadfast insistence that student learning is dependent on teachers with great instructional skills place her on the cutting edge of education reform and far ahead of her peers. Janae’s personal attributes include integrity, reliability, refined “people” and communication skills, an ability to function independently or as a team player.

Don W., Public School District Human Resources Director

Janae’ is a solid instructional leader and a sound manager. She understands the importance of climate and cultural ethos in a school. Janae’ demonstrates a knowledge of her learning theory, instructional strategies, and lesson design that promotes high levels of learning and well-managed classrooms. She can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a lesson and instructional delivery and, importantly, communicate these to staff through timely coaching and targeted professional development. Janae is very current and knowledgeable regarding state reform, standards, and assessment. She sees the “big picture” and understands the process of reform and instructional change.


Mike A., High School Principal

I know Janae’  to be a reflective and intelligent leader. She advocates for students and families while striving to build community with those around her. Janae’  establishes rapport with students quickly and creates positive relationships. Many of them continue to talk about her caring qualities even after she moved on. She continually made it a priority to build relationships with students and staff.

Janae’s ability to look across gender and cultural lines, through the equity coaching model she exemplified, directly contributed to building a positive community. Her dedication to her profession and the students in our school is something that I will always remember and respect. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with someone that has the ability to be task-oriented and still be able to step back and keep the community in mind. She is a quality individual that I recommend without reservation.


Kirsten J., High School Instructional Coach

Janae’ performs well under pressure and adversity.  Janae’ is respectful of individual differences, displaying a high degree of cultural competence in her equity coaching work. Her good judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to all her endeavors. I personally think she is a wonderful administrator because she is devoted to both her students and her staff.

Lynn B., High School Marine Science Teacher

Ms. Landis has a true passion for the welfare of others.  She is accomplished in leading professional development and equity coaching work that furthers the education and lives of everyone. She strongly champions the equity initiatives of any district she works with.

Janis B., Executive Director, College and Career Readioness

Janae’  is professional, friendly, approachable, and reasonable with those around her.  She is articulate and does not back down when taking a stance on important issues.  One of the finest compliments that can be given to Janae’ is the fact that she is always seen with students around her.  She has the uncanny ability to create positive relationships with all times of students, including those deemed “at risk”.

Bruce R., High School Administrator

Ms. Landis’ ability to provide equity coaching in a positive manner has always radiated as a great asset.  She has an easy coaching style with staff, and shows the utmost support and respect for those around her.  We were very fortunate to have her as our principal for three years.  I came to work with Ms. Landis from another district, I am very fortunate to have worked with her for the seven years.  I would do so again if she asked me. She is an exemplary leader.

John R., High School Special Education Teacher

Janae’ communicates in a clear and straightforward manner with a variety of individuals. Janae’s willingness to tackle new experiences and leadership challenges, her passion to provide the professional development that leads to a strong professional learning community for staff and students and, her motivation to provide positive learning experiences for all students are what makes her such a successful leadership coach and mentor.

Deborah S., Associate Faculty/Field Supervisor

There is not one person I know who is more dedicated to the constant and changing world of education, and taking on the challenges that face us on a day-to-day and year-to-year basis than Janae’ Landis.  Janae’ challenges herself, and those around her, to be accountable to the community we serve every single day.  She is strong, driven, not afraid of drifting from the status quo, and is not distracted by the noise that often occurs in education.

Laurie F., High School Teacher/Head Athletic Trainer

I am so pleased to write this endorsement.  What is not evident from any paperwork you will run across that highlight Ms. Landis’ many accomplishments is the fact that she has a delightful personality, the ability to work well with diverse audiences, and the general personality and human relationship characteristics that are fundamental to the success of any leadership coaching or challenge she takes on.

George M., Superintendent of Schools

Janae’ is a true expert in the areas of conflict resolution and problem solving.  She is genuinely blessed with great skills in supervision and evaluation.  Simply put, you want to work with her.

Sheri A., High School Principal (retired)

Janae’ brings many skills to everything she does.  She not only brings her own life experiences, she also brings a compassionate heart combined with a strong teaching and educational background.  She has a skill for working with students that is tough to beat.

Jeanne H, High School Counselor

I am impressed by Janae’s leadership coaching qualities.  She is a good and patient listener.  She has excellent people skills without backing down from positions in order to be accepted or popular.  I enjoyed working with her because she works hard, is knowledgeable and makes good decisions.   She cares about the people and works to elevate the voices of the marginalized.

Phil J., High School Counselor

Ms. Landis is well-versed in current educational issues. She is a leader among her peers relative to equitable education reform. Her abilities to build upon the leadership capacity of herself and others is unquestioned.

David S., Superintendent of Schools

Janae’s work with our Student Assistance Team allowed us to look at our current practices and adjust them to truly serve the needs of our students.  Her straightforward and out-going personality, excellent communication skills, and warmth take her a long way.  What makes her next level is her skill at leadership and equity coaching in systems not set up to look at the details.

Renee M. , High School Guidance Counselor

Janae’s greatest strengths are her people skills, including opening communication channels when none seem evident, demonstrating flexibility when dealing with people from diverse backgrounds, and remaining articulate and clearheaded in the most demanding situations.

Sue S., Career and Technical Education Director

Ms. Landis is an established field expert and transformative non-profit leader.  Her commitment to excellence and equity in education is evident in the way she leads, serves, and collaborates. She has a wealth of expertise as an educator and an administrator.   She offers informal and formal professional mentorship and thought partnership, as well as making personal connections that build trust and collegiality.

As a leadership and equity coach to school and district leaders, Janae’ artfully encouraged and inspired in others a sense of persistence and resilience in challenging situations. As an experienced educator and systems leader, she modeled what it means to lead and serve through uncertainty and ambiguity.  Janae’ possesses a well-balanced skillset as an education professional with mission-centered empathy for others, particularly educators who wish to lead for equity.

Kia F., Non Profit Chief Program Officer

Janae’ leads with fierce advocacy, sincerity and directness.   Our work at EOS centers on dismantling broken systems, challenging strong-held assumptions and values, and advocating for often unseen communities.  Her approach to and implementation of this work has been incredible.  She shows particular adeptness in navigating the tricky waters of pushing school and district leaders when they needed it most, and pulling back where it ultimately wouldn’t serve the larger purpose of supporting historically underrepresented students.  Janae’ has proven abilities to drive organizational mission while implementing creative solutions to challenges along the way.

Jennifer W., Non-Profit Senior Director of Partnerships

Janae’ partnered with our district when I served as the Executive Director.  She provided our high school principals with data that would help lead to narrowing the achievement gap and address the inequity that existed within the college prep and advanced placement programs.  She provided training on how to lead conversations with students and use the data to help drive an increase in student enrollment in A-G coursework.

Her creative and professional achievements hav supported many new initiatives centered on educational equity, implicit bias, and anti-racism training.  Through her work as a coach and consultant she has provided leadership coaching to many leaders across the country and has helped bridge the gap between tough conversations and practical applications.  Her experience as a high school site principal has been invaluable to her success as she helps guide and coach others.

Kerri T
Assistant Superintendent