Janae’ is a phenomenal education leader and possesses a unique ability to inspire and develop other education professionals. I have been most impressed by her ability to establish strong relationships with other education professionals and to lead them through the equity focused transformations of their accelerated programs. Janae’ knows how to translate her extensive experience in education to relevant and actionable advice to others. This is not an easy task and Janae’ consistently carries it out with grace and clarity. Janae’ possesses a unique ability to assist other educators in inquiry based assessment, even about the most challenging topics. Janae’ is a masterful facilitator and public presenter. She understands how to assess a situation quickly and to make requisite adjustments on the fly- both important skills for professional development settings. She also is able to quickly establish equity coaching credibility as a former teacher and administrator and a lifelong champion for equity. Her voice is relevant and empathetic, but also strong and courageous.